Improvised Insight with Bridget Pilloud

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Strange how a subject like happiness can bring up such seriousness in people. So I was delighted to find out a few minutes into the improvised interview with Bridget Pilloud that suddenly we were talking about happiness. But it was actually funny.

Take a look and see how we got there and where we ended up going.

Bridget Pilloud can and should be found at Intuitive Bridge. Her writing is sharp and generous. I have no doubt that you’ll appreciate anything she writes and shares there. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on what Bridget had to say.

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Love this woman.  The insightful and reflective Bridget Pilloud speaks easy to her audience in the most empathicly driven way to connect, inspire and employ consciousness to the world around us, and the world we create inside our minds.  Thank you Bridge for the shout out on "Act" - so important to see what acts we have, how we act, what actions are needed for happiness, or what actions can be taken because of that inner peace. You rock.  You are a rock, and it may have been that 1 point spread that launched a whole new world of insight - cuz you earned it and are worth it - whatever it is.

mstillman moderator

@TiredDog Indeed. Bridget really cracked open "act" in an exciting way. thanks for stopping by.

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