Improvised Insights with Jasmine Lamb

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This is the first video of this new interview series I am doing called Improvised Insights.

The audio on it is perfect. But you don’t see me at all. That wasn’t on purpose. Just so you know.

Future interviews wont have this issue. That said… after you watch the video you should get to know Jasmine Lamb.

Her website is where she elegantly and touchingly talks about the power of listening in all sorts of subtle ways – to people, to yourself, to feelings, to the world around you.

She is in the process of a small kickstarter where she is putting together a book about her transformational work over the last ten years from total wreck who was coming apart at the seams to someone really rather lovely.

Anyway, I’d be thrilled to hear about your thoughts on this new interview format and what Jasmine offered about the nature of fear and masculinity…or anything.

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Thanks Matthew, for the chance to chat about unexpected subjects. No one knows what will happen next or what the next great improvisation will be.   


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