Improvised Insights with Jody Radzik: The tantra of storm chasing

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Todays guest on Improvised Insights is Jody Radzik also known as @kalieezchild. He also blogs brilliantly at

On twitter Jody delightfully skewers self proclaimed gurus by folding their language back in on themselves as well as showing their hypocrisies and lifting their veils. But at the same time he offers really delicate and sensitive insights into the human and spiritual condition and the nature of that endeavor.

In the interview we hear about Jody’s past as a storm chaser and how that actually has some relevance to inner transformation, finding a guru and becoming yourself. As well as shaking out a bit about the true meaning of tantra.

The last three minutes cut out because Google+ rebooted but there is such wonderful story telling here…do listen

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the interview and please follow Jody on twitter and his blog.

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