Improvised Insight Interview with Dave Ursillo

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Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Dave Ursillo for a dual purpose – an Improvised Insight Interview for me and this site and a Conversations in Purpose that Dave is having over at his site in January.

Dave is a thoughtful and fascinating guy who is not only really handsome but runs online writing support groups called He has written a number of books and emerged from wanting to make a difference in the world through politics to shifting his focus to writing and personal transformation.

In our conversation we got a one word suggestion from @ChristieAg


and that took us to all sorts of places…

-the itch of creative types

-what are the five ways we react to our wishes/desires/dreams?

-how does being creative require being sensitive?

-how does service or an other-centered perspective transform the experience of creativity?

-the connection between death and being creative

-how to leave behind a legacy of love


And of course that brought us back to “scratch” in an interesting way.

Dave also said during the interview

Creativity is less the outward expression of creativity but more as an experience of yourself.

Take 30 minutes and discover what we discovered about “scratch”

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