Improvised Insights Interview Series

I hope you have had the opportunity of chatting with a stranger on a train or a plane. And instead of dreading being packed knee to knee with that person, that person was fascinating and you learned something from them. Or they learned something from you.

Those types of meetings are amazing because you didn’t know what was about to happen or what you were going to talk about but suddenly you discover this point of connection that is just so fresh and vital.

There are loads of interview shows and podcasts that are predicated on the idea that there are fascinating/funny/noteworthy people that we should hear about.

Now I want to hear about the way authors might have succeeded in getting their book out there, or I might want to know about one scientist explains how epigenetics plays out in our health and mental outlook.

There are loads of things I am interested in learning about. But most of these interviews are totally canned. They took a once surprising and wonderful conversation or discovery and tries to recreate it.

And then you end up with this formula…

“Hey, welcome to Interview Show X where we interview this type of person to talk about this type of thing. Today we are talking to Amazing Person Jones who has done some amazing things.”

“Hey, thanks host of Interview Show X. Glad to be here. Thanks for saying I have done such amazing things.” 

“Hey, you are welcome. Your amazing thing is amazing. Why don’t you tell us your story and a bit about your amazing thing?”

“Sure. Well, here is this well rehearsed story I have about the way this thing began and played out. What do you think about that?”

“I think that is either amazing, inspirational, thought provoking or amazing. Tell me more”

Snooze. Even if I am interested.

So I have started a new interview show called the Improvised Insights Interview show.

Here is what happens…

  • I find interesting people
  • Ask them if I can improvisationally interview them
  • Ask twitter for a one word suggestion – anything at all
  • Write down the suggestions for when I interview this person
  • Get on a Google+ Hangout with this person and give them a one word suggestion.
  • Have a conversation that springs from their thoughts and inspirations about that word.
  • That interview gets posted as a video on YouTube.

This is a video interview series but honestly there isn’t much to look at. The dialogue is more interesting. The video on the first one only stays on the guest the whole time but you can hear us both just fine. The other ones are fine otherwise.

But the conversations are surprising and where we end up is often far from where we started.


And they are really interesting.

And they are really insightful.


I hope you listen to them and share your thoughts.


Improvised Insight Interview with Dave Ursillo

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Dave Ursillo for a dual purpose – an Improvised Insight Interview for me and this site and a Conversations in Purpose that Dave is having over at his site in January. Dave is a thoughtful and fascinating guy who is not only really handsome but runs online writingmore>>

Improvised Insight Interview with Dr. Jason Fox

  In today’s Improvised Insight Interview I had a chance to talk with Dr Jason Fox of His work is really light and fun and full of sharp points about how to creatively approach our habitual way of working. Ostensibly Jason talks about motivation design or the process gamification. But more broadly Jason is interestedmore>>

Improvised Insight with Tanya Geisler

Todays Improvised Insight Interview is with Tanya Geisler. Tanya is a life coach and intuitive who helps people step into the things in their lives that they have been avoiding. Her online home is @tanyageisler and   In today’s interview Tanya talks about how to balance out your inner salt with your inner sweetnessmore>>

Improvised Insights with Jody Radzik: The tantra of storm chasing

Todays guest on Improvised Insights is Jody Radzik also known as @kalieezchild. He also blogs brilliantly at On twitter Jody delightfully skewers self proclaimed gurus by folding their language back in on themselves as well as showing their hypocrisies and lifting their veils. But at the same time he offers really delicate and sensitivemore>>

Improvised Insight with Vena Ramphal

Vena Ramphal is a wonder. She is a sex, romance and erotic coach based out of London. In today’s episode of Improvised Insights, Vena and I talk about the difference between being lazy and being comfortable and how to know where you are..and what that has to do with cleaning your apartment. You can findmore>>

Improvised Insight with Bridget Pilloud

Strange how a subject like happiness can bring up such seriousness in people. So I was delighted to find out a few minutes into the improvised interview with Bridget Pilloud that suddenly we were talking about happiness. But it was actually funny. Take a look and see how we got there and where we endedmore>>

Improvised Insights with Jasmine Lamb

This is the first video of this new interview series I am doing called Improvised Insights. The audio on it is perfect. But you don’t see me at all. That wasn’t on purpose. Just so you know. Future interviews wont have this issue. That said… after you watch the video you should get to knowmore>>