I just wish I could figure out what the right decision was.

I swear, I have tried every possible angle and I STILL cant figure it out.

Im just not sure what to do.

I feel like no matter how hard I try to break the pattern, I wind up in the same place over and over.

Sound familiar?

My clients come to me with all kinds of issues that feel ultra-complicated, overwhelming, or just plain vexing.

I specialize in un-confusing the confused.

I relish in un-complexifying complexity.

I eat overwhelm for breakfast.

Whether youre contending with something big or small, personal or professional, I come in when you need help looking at a situation in new ways.

Not a Coach but Close


Matthew Stillman. Creative Approacher, One-Problem-Solver, Oracle, Ancient Wisdom in the form of a modern man.Got one intractable issue?You probably dont need therapy or ongoing coaching forthat you need an objective, creative,agenda-free person to tell you what he sees and suggest practicallywacky (and intensely wise) ways toreframe and resolve the problem. This ishealing through High Weirdnessand its wildly necessary. MUST DO.

Kelly Diels, Digital Strategist

But Matt, my problem is weird. I feel silly bringing it up.

On the list of issues Ive sorted out: the reimagining of an oboe career, how to deal with unrequited love I even helped one person come up with a creative way to avoid getting murdered.
Nothing is too off-beat.

But Matt, I have thought about this A LOT. Im sure theres nothing you could think of that I havent already thought of.

We naturally find solutions based on our own singular perspective. We look at our personal needs and the needs of those we care about. Thats what people do. Thats also what nudges us back into the same grooves over and over. I can help you look at your issue from the outside of your regular grooves. Together, we consider what you need and also help you see what your unique circumstances might be obscuring.

My problem is really hard to talk about. I never know where to start.

Thats okay. We can find the beginning together. I have worked with all kinds of sensitive issues. You can count on a safe, calm chat. No pressure. Im not going to tell you what to do; Im going to help you see new options.

So, I give you a problem, you give me a solution?

Lets say that you and your issue will dictate the outcome of our session.

What are some of the other issues you have tackled?

Good question! Ive named novels, resolved disputes, helped creative people conquer blocks, restructured business plans, helped to eliminate the physical manifestations of stress, come up with creative marketing and product ideas, etc I even helped a client find her spirit animal.
So, do you have a problem that needs some sorting out?
Ready to not be up all night listening to the wheels in your head go round and round?
Great, lets chat!

The Single Session:

If you feel ready for a fresh look at an issue thats been on your mind, and want to book a single session, you can expect an hour-ish long call via phone or Skype. Well chat, explore, and re-frame.

Single sessions are designed to dig deep on single issues.

Youll come out the other side with a fresh approach (or approaches) to whatever has been on your mind.
Sessions Cost:

1 creative approach session $225

Buy Now and Get a Creative Approach

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Or, if youre finding yourself feeling less-than-clear in general, and are looking for a more long-term partner to help keep you on-track, how about we chat for 20 minutes (on me) and see if we connect. So you know how pricing works ahead of time, here’s how more-than-one-session breaks down:

For when you need just a bit more:

2 creative approach sessions $349

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For when there’s a few things that lead to other things:

4 creative approach sessions $529

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For when you are looking for partnership as you move through _____________:

10 creative approach sessions $999

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To schedule a chat, email me:

I can help you. And if you are worried, I guarantee all my sessions with my 100% + $1 protection. If you aren’t satisfied with the ground we cover together after 30 days and sincere reflection. I’ll give you your money back plus one dollar.