Genesis Deflowered has gotten a lot of attention in 2013 and 2014. See what these kind people have to say…

Huffington Post

huffposepia“While sex and religion both are less taboo and now acceptable for dinner conversation, imagine a book that would cause a chorus of indignant gasps during the main course if Jerry Falwell was alive to read it, or if Pat Robertson ever bothered to pick up a book.Genesis Deflowered, a new book that smashes sex and religion together in a unique way, fits that description nicely — or naughtily, in this case.” READ MORE>>

Fox News

foxsepia“It’s a whole new take on a 400-year-old book: “Genesis Deflowered” takes the King James Bible’s version of Genesis and expands certain verses to add sex scenes – while still keeping the Elizabethan English writing style used when the text was first written in 1611.

Author Matthew Stillman sat down with Fox News’ Lauren Green Friday on “Spirited Debate” to discuss what inspired him to write the book.” READ MORE>>

New York Daily News

dailysepia“But there is something threatening about Stillman’s book, which could easily be marketed as “The Story of O (My God!) or  “Fifty Shades of Genesis.”

The wordsmith follows the King James story line, but adds in what it has long lacked: racy passages. You get all the morals — and the immorals! Creation — and masturbation! Let there be light — and plenty of action where the sun don’t shine! Hard rules — and soft sheets! Biblical heroes in many compromising positions!” READ MORE>>




International Business Times



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