In April of 2009, I started an experiment in Union Square in New York City

I sit out there with two chairs, a table and a sign that says:

“Creative Approaches To What You Have Been Thinking About”.

there is also a smaller sign next to a Mason jar of money that reads

“Pay What You Like or Take What You Need”

People come up to me at the table and we talk about whatever is a sticking point for them at that time. Big and small issues. Trivial and important. Personal and professional. I try to never give advice but simply offer a creative approach and listen carefully at what is happening for them.

The questions people have asked are so rich and varied across the human spectrum and the conversations I share with these strangers are not only fascinating in their own right but often very relevant and applicable to others feeling frozen or stuck. I share those stories in this blog. Along with some other thoughts about creativity and play and inner exploration of different varieties.

I am always touched by the delicate, personal and profound things people will share when they sit down with me and I often find that the doors that I offer to them to peek through that often help or open up insights into new and even more interesting questions will often apply to me in totally different spheres.

My Favorite Stories from Union Square:

Ecstasy as Religion

I don’t think we need to go to 20

Finding A Latino Buddha

So, got something you’ve been thinking about that won’t leave you alone?

Give it the gift of a creative approach.

No question is off limits.