What would it feel like if your pain point didn’t poke at you anymore?

What would you have room for if you weren’t blocked?

How could you pursue you best work in a bigger way if you could move the wall that’s blocking you?

I’ve helped over two thousand people un-clutter the path to their goals and not just feel freer, but be freer. Some words I hear over and over after our sessions:







See, there are two things I know well:

Improvisation and problem re-imagining.

Really, they are often the same thing. They both require a similar skill-set: Respect, an open mind, an observant eye, and the ability to listen. Really listen.

That’s what I do.

Listening, deeply.

Hearing, You.

Noticing things in you that you may not see and using those things to help you reframe and move forward.

Resolving, simplifying, de-complicating, and finding new ground.

If you are feeling stressed, confused, unclear, let’s talk.

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