“Matt has a serious ability to intercept what to most is just another mundane fact weighing them down, and make the brain turn itself around. He dont just offer new creativity- he turns the problem itself into a solution.”

Tessa Zeng

Matt transmits a very genuine and warm spirit. His knowledge, intuition and compassion are true gifts and something we need more of in this world.If you have the chance to chat with him, you will feel heard, respected and come away with an altogether different but enlightened approach to problem solving. He may even recite a poem that will take your face off (in a good way). Thank you, Matt. Im so grateful to know you!

Matt Capucilli – mattcaps.com

“After years of working on myself with fasting, meditation, and just being vulnerable I finally came to the point where I did all I could do by myself, and felt like I needed assistance. That’s where Matthew Stillman came in, I actually had his contact information for several years and had a brief conversation with him a year ago but never made an appointment with him until this year. I have had nine or ten sessions with him and my first session was memorable!! I was scared, nervous, felt vulnerable…but trusted the process and had the intention of healing in my heart. After that first session I knew that I had completed a huge part of a healing crisis in my life that I could not have done without Matthew’s help. This work with Matthew has been a huge part of my life in healing myself and getting in touch with my ancestors who have been assisting me in my path in healing all along. I could go on and on, but one last thing i will say about Matthew, he is extremely gifted and is able to be of service and use his gifts to help others. He is a loving soul and a gifted angel!!!!”

Linda Estavillo

Over the past three years, Matt has been an invaluable pillar for me. Whether it be work, or life — Matt’s ability to offer deep listening, distill our conversation to its most important elements, and offer clarity and wisdom has been significant for me. This work, a worthy investment, has given me energy to persist and find myself in better more stable footing in my relationships and otherwise.

In many ways, I believe the best way to think about working with Matt is that of a wise elder — he is tuned to the realities of the human condition and helps shine the light on the next most important step.

K. Patel - New York Management Consultant

It’s very rare that I find a site that I can’t leave. Im not talking about some of the sales pages I end up having to click a Yes box a dozen times to close it out. Im talking about a site that I cannot pry my eyes away from. After reading Matthew Stillmans bio, I was fascinated. Matthew takes helping others to a new level. StillmanSays.com is a wonderfully creative and artistic approach to sharing his knowledge, insights, creativity, and empathy with strangers in need.

Steve Roy – End The Grind Podcast

Stillman Says is one of the better exercises of raw, heavy, solid information that I’ve seen. It isn’t enough just to have book-knowledge, but also the creativity to know how to wield facts, and where to hit a problem with them. Not only that, but problems can be easy to solve, especially when they arent your own problems. Far more difficult to help others solve their own, by pointing out paths they didnt notice, or giving them resources they didnt have before speaking to you. Stillman does such things all the time. He is constantly tuning his brain ballista, honing his smartsword, and crafting new creative cannonballs constantly. Sometimes it is a past relationship. Sometimes it is a search for truth. One guy trying to figure out the meaning of life was looking into Numerology and Egyptology and numerous other-ologies in his quest for answers. Stillman didnt judge, didnt try to convince him to join his own worldview (whatever that might be), but instead gave him some names of authors he should check out, and a rough framework to use in his quest. The guy seemed pleased with this; no one had called him crazy, or an idealistic dreamer, and he was able to walk away with info from someone who knew more than he did about the things he was researching, along with a method of exploring faster.

Colin Wright – Exile Lifestyle

Matthew is an absolute joy to work with. He is enthusiastic and focused. He is willing to discuss absolutely anything, and he is open to alternative points of view. He is dedicated to creating the best possible outcome.

I hope to work with Matthew Stillman again someday soon. His passion for life is inspiring.

Veronica Tuggle, Editor

Not a Coach but Close…

Matthew Stillman. Creative Approacher, One-Problem-Solver, Oracle, Ancient Wisdom in the form of a modern man. Got one intractable issue? You probably dont need therapy or ongoing coaching forthat you need an objective, creative,agenda-free person to tell you what he sees and suggest practicallywacky (and intensely wise) ways toreframe and resolve the problem. This is healing through High Weirdness and its wildly necessary. MUST DO.”

Kelly Deils, Digital Strategist

“What can I say about Matt that no one else also feels or thinks? I feel I have a new friend, a truly talented and deep thinking person, who can do anything and in fact does. Matt took the time to not only talk and meet with me but is available to everyone. His truly genuine and thoughtful spirit was a constant that I will rely on and seek often as I truly trust him and his commitment to the work.”

Jaye Smith, Breakwater Consulting and author “Reboot Your Life”

I think all of your ideas are cool, Matt. You’ve always done such a great, fantastic job of coming up with creative new ways to HELP others (because I truly feel that’s sincerely a focus of yours–for real) and in a way that sparks the imagination and shows the world what’s possible. Big fucking kudos!

Ashley Ambirge – The Middle Finger Project

“I was assigned to cover the Environmental Fair in Union Square . I was having trouble finding an interesting angle. It was all the same old: green technology, grow organic, the three “Rs.” These topics may have been interesting once upon a time, but in today’s green-washed society, they’re old news.

That’s when I saw Matthew Stillman at his table.He helped me remember what I love about writing by asking me to recall my favorite piece of writing. As I began talking about newspaper articles, he reminded me I don’t have to limit myself to reporting work I’ve done. I thought about journal entries, short-stories, letters to friends.

He intuited a lot about me in a short period of time, providing advice that worked specifically for me. He told me to clear my mind, meditate for a few minutes, then walk through the fair and just observe without pursuing a story. Then, sit and meditate again after I’ve made my rounds and see what I come up with.

Within ten minutes or less, Matthew Stillman helped me develop a way of thinking about my work that not only helped me in that particular instance, but has guided me through many other ho-hum events.

Two months later, for example, I was assigned to cover a hearing at the bankruptcy court at Bowling Green. The hearing was brief, boring, and not much of a story. I cleared my mind, walked around, cleared my mind again and the story took shape. It was completely different from what I went there for, but part of developing creativity is venturing into the unexpected.

Tara MacIsaac, Reporter for The Epoch Times

You can simply sit down and talk to him about virtually anything. He has done this now for over 1000 people.I have since had a couple of private sessions with him and found he is amazing; at stirring up new ideas, at opening up possibilities within what you are thinking about, and at ways to see things differently. He is also very versed in a large variety of spiritual practices too, so he has many tools at his fingertips.

He helped me come up with ideas I just couldnt see myself.I have found the sessions pretty remarkable actually. I felt very lit up when I left and filled with possibility. Its so great to have the kind of help when things feel stuck. Lucky for all of you he now does phone sessions. And his fee is reasonable. Tell him I sent you.

Diana Kazakova - Funkin Fabulous

Matt is sunshine of the spirit. Always there to help and to listen and always adding helpful new ways oflooking at things without imposing them. He has a lightness of being not common in this world. He raises my consciousness and breaks open my old mental models.

Divyesh Shah

“When I first met Matt I was on a hunt for ice cream in Union Square, not a new way to think about the problems that had been plaguing me, but Matt’s sign caught my eye. Five minutes later, I was spilling my guts, and my quest for ice cream was forgotten. Since our initial encounter, I have consulted with Matt on topics ranging from my career to my love life. He’s always willing to listen to me ramble on, and ready to jump in with a creative approach to tackling my issues.

Amber Adams

I sometimes wonder if some of the braver and unconventional things I’ve done in the past year (buying a one way ticket to Los Angeles and sleeping on stranger’s couches through couchsurfing.com, directing, performing and editing a music video that got picked up by the band that the song was by, participating in improv-comedy jams, starting tai chi, etc.) would’ve had enough of the guts to be done had I not met Matthew last summer at his creative approaches table. He just made everything I was stressed out about seem completely understandable and workable.

If I wasn’t feeling one approach, he simply moved on to a different suggestion.He’s honest though too because when I wasn’t feeling five of his suggestions he let me know I was being stubborn. After 15 minutes of speaking with Matthew, I somehow was convinced to walk around Union Square and pick up ten random objects and choreograph a video about them. He was just that inspiring.

He reminded me what I already knew and allowed me to look at my problem differently so I can change the way I approached it. To have someone so relaxed, good-humored and intelligent express this to me personally really made it stick.

I was never comfortable with going to a therapist because I couldn’t get over the idea of someone getting paid to listen to my problems. When I made the “Oh darn sorry I have no money” gesture to Matthew from a distance he made his “don’t worry about it, just come talk” response. And he still leaves that door open for me anytime I might need it. It’s hard to be completely skeptical when there are people like Matthew around. I thank him tremendously for his work and for listening to me.

Anne Marsen